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Medical Equipment

ORPreader Wellness Index Meter

Heavenly Providence
Table of Contents  1
Heavenly Providence
Table of Contents 
Heavenly Providence
Table of Contents 3

1- Front Cover,Title,First edition,    


2-Table of content--5~8






・Chapter 1 Grateful for the Teachings

 of My Father and Mother―9
・Wonderful People Don't Talk Much―11
    Carrying Out My Conviction: I Will   

 Keep Learning
・From the Natural Laws―12
・Many Cases of Severe Diseases Are

 Caused by the Lack of Oxygen―13
・Deep Breath is a Secret to Become

 Healthy: It's Not Impartial And It's

 Easy,No One Can Draw 80undaries

 for Air to Monopolize―15






・Instructors of Tea Ceremony Are

 Energetic All the Time―16
・I Used “Asai Organic Germanium”

 Personally and Employed It, First
   Patient to Use It Was My Mother Who

 Had an Excellent Intuitive Sense―18
・The Family and the Patient Agreeing  

 To Go the Same Way Becomes the

 Strength to Overcome the Disease







・Reunited Withe My Research

・Saliva Measurement Gives Inference

 of Things to Come and Not the

・Nursing Babies Don’t Complain With

・Why Does the Oxidation/Reduction

 Potential of Saliva Draw Attention?

・Easter Island Was the Origin of Idea:

 Oxidation/Reduction Potential

 Measurement Device―29




・First in the World to Establish

 Quantitative Limitation of Human

 Saliva ORP―30
・There is Commonality Among the

 People Who Come to the Clinic for

 Disease Treatments―31
・Introducing Six Effects of Saliva That

 Protect the Intraoral Health―32
・The Objective of Oxidation/Reduction

 Potential (ORP) Measurement of  

・It is Said That the Reason Why

 Humans Become Oxidized in All the
   Area of Food, Clothing and Shelter is

 Because of Reactive Oxygen―34
・If You Stop Smoking, the Quality of Your Saliva Will Get Better and
     You Will Not Be Affected By the Chemicals That Are in the Tobacco―35





・What is Causing the Increase of

 Driving Fatal Accidents?―37
・Oxidation of the Body That Comes

 From Insufficient Sleep Makes Your

 Decision Makings Dull―39





・The Days of Surprises and

・The Body Development That Doesn’t

 Allow Oxidation―43
・What is Something That Will Change

 Saliva Instantaneously?―44
・Ambulance Conveyance Among

 Younger Generation of 20s -40s

 Due to Heart Disease and Brain

 Infarction Are Surging―45
・What is the Clockwise Reducing

 Power in the Natural World?―46
・Where is the Blood Made?―47




・Our Life is More Important Than

 Etiquette Rules―48

・It is Possible to Get Oxidized With

・I Am Energized When I am

 Enthusiastic About Something―51
・Natural Laws Never Rest―12
・From the Natural Laws―12




・Natural Laws Never Rest―53
・The Theory Comes Later; Valuing

 the Phenomenon in Front of Our

 Eyes is More Important ―55
・After a Laugh, Our Body Becomes

 Reductive and the Saliva Changes

 to Indicate Good Physical

・Method to Stimulate Secretion of

 Thin Saliva With Easy Massage―57
・When You’re Moved Emotionally

 with Something, and Thoroughly
    Cried and Laughed So Much That

 Your Nose Starts Running,
    It Strangely Refreshes Your Heart

 and Makes Your Body Condition

 Well ―57
・Metal Dental Filling Materials Are

 What Making the Body Oxidizedl

・What is the Reason Why They Say

 From Long Ago That the Babies

 That Drool Much are Healthy? ―59




・What is the True Identity of

 Oxidation that Induces Aging and

    It isThe Attack That Comes from

 Reactive Oxygen―61
・Why Do We Wake Up Between 3~4

 AM in the Night?―62
・The Relation of Odor and Disease;

 Seriously Afflicted Patients Have

 Peculiar Odor―63




・The Difference Between Thin Saliva

 and Thick Saliva―64
・More People With Negative Thinking

 Have Sticky Saliva ―66
・Green and Yellow Vegetables Are

 Good for Making Your Body Not

・Difference Between ORP of Human

 Saliva and ORP of Air; Whether
 the Reduction Takes Place Inside

 the Body or Not is Important―68




・Led by the Words of the People I

 Have Met―71
・The Saliva does not lie! The

 Barometer of Healthy Condition―73
・Natural Laws - The Flow of

・Leaning from Studying Linen, Silk,

 Cotton, and Japanese Cedar

 Woods That are Used for Restoring

 Old Japanese-Style Houses―76
・What Kinds of Clothes Cause Static





・Turn Off Digital Equipment, Mobile

 Phones, Smartphones By the

・It is Said That If you Age Well With

 a Clean Heart, You Will Meet Broad-

   Minded and Healthy People―80
・The Way to Take Meals That Give

 Secretion of Thin Saliva and

 Reduction Action That is Good for

 Our Health―81
・Method of Eating Meat and Fish

 That Makes You Healthy―82
・”Japanese Traditional Food

 Ingredients”Help When There is

 No Appetite―82




・Excellent Wisdom of the

 Westerners: Coffee and Cocoa

    the Body That has been oxidized

 Through Eating Meat―84
・Amazed By the Reduction Action of

 Sweet Potato―85
・What is By Far the Best Tropical

 Fruit With the Highest Reduction

・Good Water and Bad Water That

 Affect Health―87




・Brewers of Rice Wine Are Fastidious

 About High Quality of Water and Raw

・Adequate Supply of Water Will Prevent

 Saliva From Oxidation―89
・Stimulate Your Saliva Secretion And

 Be Younger―90
・It is Better Not To Eat Liquid Diet When

 You Have an Upset Stomach―91




・Oxidation and Reduction Is An

 Universal Theme―93
・The Mystery of Oxidation and

 Reduction Reaction―95
・Varius Problems, Solutions and Natural

 Phenomenon Relating to ORP―98




・Are we Able to Live Vitally Towards  the

 Future ignoring the Natural Laws?





・Quantization of Stress Levels Using

 Saliva ORP―103
・Saliva ORP Measuring Device For

 Humans Materialized Three

 Quantitative Judgments―105
・ORP Quantitative Judgment of

 Progress and Completion of
    Treatment of Diseases Caused By

 Decline of Biological Activities―106
・Making ORP Quantitative Judgment

 Whether the Cndition Indicates That

 the Multiplication of Reactive Oxygen

 Has Been Curbed and the

 Carcinogen Has Been

・ORP Quantitative Judgment of

 Depressive Condition Improvement
    by Looking at Parasympathetic Nerve

 Becoming Dominant―109




・ORP Quantitative Judgment of Large

 Quantity of Free Radical
    Production From Intake of Awakening

 Drugs (i,e.Methamphetamine) 
    An Application to Screening


Heavenly Providence
Table of Contents  4




・The Correlation between ORP Value

 and Blood Test Values of the Chronic

 Disease Patients―117




・What Can We Quantify With ORP?

・Explanation of Experimental Methods

 and Statistical Methods That Prove

・Let Us Make Reduction Verification of

 ORP Quantification as World

・The Objective Methods to 

 Quantitatively Substantiate Various

 phenomena By Using Human Saliva

 ORP Measuring Procedure―124






・Mental and Other Aspects―137―139




・Mental and Other Aspects―140―145




・Mental and Other Aspects―146―149
・Environmental Changes―149―151




・Environmental Changes―152―154
・Authors’ Profile―156
・Translator Profile―157
・Back Cover 164

Heavenly Providence
Table of Contents  5

28-Catalog 1~2



・ORPreader, measuring device Reads

   Ahead the Wellness Condition of Your

 Near Future.

・Catalog-1 Medical Equipment

・Catalog-2 Medical


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